...its a very special day...

17 November 2007

..for my friend Janelle.... you can read her very exciting news here.
Please drop in and leave her a comment....it will make her day.

Its also day two of Kims mind boggling Christmas Spectacular at Kimarcher.com.au .... for those that have booked in.... I bet you went to bed dreaming of snipping...stitching...pasting... and cutting...I know I have for the last three weeks... Kim has outdone herself once again....

any other news? .... well me...Im boring....nothing happening here.

Ohh...just a big thankyou to everyone who takes the time to leave a comment....I know life is running at a crazy pace these days...and it does take time to comment.... and Im just as guilty as the next person of reading and leaving...and not always making one.... but it really is so lovely to see who has visited...and to think they took the time to say hello... so thankyou.

....and Moi (and probably others who may have wondered)...in reply to your question (great question too by the way) regarding the ceramic embellishments and the breakage factor.... I guess it is always a risk...but they are incredibly tough little things really....I have dropped them on my tiled floor on more than one occassion...and only ever broken one (cracked the corner off a star) ... so no...I dont find them particularly breakable at all....they are just so cute....it makes up for it too...lol

Mardi x


  1. Oh Mardi - thank you from the bottom of my heart - words cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have you as my dearest friend. THANK YOU xxxx You are my support, my encouragement and my strength. Thank you doesn't even come close. xxxxxxx Janelle

  2. Hi Mardi - I must confess I visit here regularly to look at your amazing work and gain inspiration, but never leave comments. I will from now on :)

  3. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Oh thanks for the info, I forgot I asked LOL!
    I'll make sure I try to comment more often too.
    Off to comment on Janelle's blog now and find out this news!
    Moi x

  4. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Hi Mardi love those little ceramic embellies...they looks gorgeous.
    I'm off to check out Janelles blog too ;)
    Take care

  5. Hi Mardi,
    Waving from the West, great to drop by and catch up with what you are up to again, always heaps of inspiration on your blog, thanks also for leaving me a comment, made my day. You are right, comments take time but they brighten up the day of the recipient. Take care