Dose 4 - tick

27 April 2008

Thursday went well..... this time its big thanks to Paul from work who chauffeured me down and back... its a long journey in a day(around 3 hours each way + around a 3 hour treatment time) .... especially the trip home feeling under the weather.... so I'm very grateful of familiar company. I cant thank my work colleagues enough.

My blood tests were fine...low....but still it all went ahead as planned....and I had the last of this particular drug cycle.... in three weeks time...I begin a new drug... weekly treatments for 12 weeks.... I can see this is about to become very tiring.

Anyway....without boring everyone to death..... Ive felt possibly a little better after this round....I changed my anti-nausea medication a bit.... which may have helped... and I'm taking it easy...plodding a long.... no expectations. My biggest annoyance just at the moment is the insomnia....Ive had it after each dose....but after two nights of not sleeping after starts to lose its novelty...and I was thankful last night to sleep a little better....even though it was wakeful...and I was up early... the other thing thats annoys me is the freaky dreams... I even get visions of things building in my head with my eyes shut...and I'm not even sleeping... so glad that seemed better last night also.

...anyway....enough moaning.... on to much happier things....

I feel so content in our new home... it feels like home.....
The holidays have been busy....the kids have been in and out of the house like it has a revolving door ... and I find it hard to keep track....they are all juggling part time work.... Mitch and Briony have both been to sleep overs. Then there is the normal footy and netball days spent catching up with friends.
Briony did find some time yesterday between netball and work to bake a yummy cake.... and I even managed some pumpkin soup for tea as well..... (I thought you'd appreciate these photos Mum.... your little baking prodigy at work.)
Then....some huge news this week... Brent and Alex moved into their own home.
Its a little old cottage on a vine block out of town.... its a great little starter home... old but affordable....and they have it looking so lovely already.
It was perfect timing for us..... we moved in with excess furniture and household goods.... which have now found a lovely new home with Brent and Alex..... and then a work friend of mine (Enormous thanks Kathy)... asked if they would like a dresser and a few bits and pieces she was wanting to get rid of..... they were so thrilled....and were blown away by her generosity... a gorgeous buffet / dresser for the lounge...a white pantry cupboard they had been wanting....a rocking chair... bean bag chairs... and other bits and pieces.... I'm sure they felt like 10 Christmases had come at once.
So....I'm very happy for them.... having their own place is a new stage in their relationship....and I wish them all the success in the world....BUT...I miss them already...and its only been two nights.... I'm sure we'll still see heaps of in their words "you have food at your place"

They'll probably grrrr at me for this photo of them.... the morning after their first night at their new home.... a little 'yet to wake up'.... but typical of them.... love you guys.
....then yesterday.....we had a lovely visit from Uncle JB... Aunty Ali.. and their friends Brooko and Jenny..... stupid me....didn't get the camera out....but they are calling today...and I must! It was lovely to them our new home.... and spend time with them....they are a very special part of our family.... and any time spent with them is good for soul.

They also brought with them a very special gift from Kerry.... its a most gorgeous handmade beaded bracelet! I love the colours....the beads....the fact its hand made for me by Kerry...and most of all I love the symbolism behind it .... " each large bead represents you and your family. The beads in between are the many friends and family that love and are connected with you"
( I hope you didn't mind me sharing that part of the message just meant so much to me...thank you)
...oh and I photographed this so badly.... the cute little strings of beads on the box are caught in the flower....and the focus is all wrong on the bracelet.... but I'm chalking it up to chemo fogged brain....and moving on.
I know I will wear this bracelet often... its just adorable....and means so much.

Well.... thats about it from me on this ...dare I say.... overcast and almost rainy day.... oh boy..I hope we get a downpour.
Our plans for today? ..... finish clearing the garage out.... unpack the last of the boxes....those boxes Ive already peered in and groaned loudly at.... wish me luck.
Mardi x


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better of this does Mardi.....and I hope the new drug treatment is not to hard on you.

    Love the photos of Briony in your NEW looks BEAUTIFUL...

    I wish the best of luck to Brent and Alex in their cottage...I hope the are very happy.

    Love the bracelet...what a special gift.

    Take care and stay strong
    Cherie xx

  2. Anonymous9:33 am

    good to hear you can tick off another chemomsession- and youre feeling better this time :)

    love the kitchen- look like its straight out of a homemaker mag !!

    good luck to Brent and Alex......

    and i love the bracelet- love wat it stands for

  3. I too am glad the hear you are feeling better after this round Mardi. Love the pics ofyour little baker. I am so jelly over your kitchen. The cottage that Brent and Alex have moved into sounds sweet and love the bracelet too.

    Take care Missy


  4. Oh no - weekly treatments. That does sound tiring. I would love to come with you. :( I really hope your insomnia goes quickly - it's so nasty and I don't think I've even had it as bad as you have it!

    I love the bracelet from Kerry. Just gorgeous. I even noticed it on the kitchen bench before I got to the later photo of it! And I LOVE your kitchen. Love aaaalll the drawers and the granite benchtops and the exhaust fan above the stove. It looks so gorgeous. I made pumpkin soup a few days ago too and just had some for lunch! mmmmm

  5. Tje kitchen looks great MArdi along with the chef lol.Good luck to Brent and Alex in there new home.take care Kerryxx

  6. wow. look at that fancy nancy new kitchen!! Love the photos of Briony testing out the new kitchen!!!! And congrats to Brent and Alex on their new hme..very exciting.
    And that bracelet is gorgeous!!

  7. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Great to hear your feeling a little better this time round Mardi - rest up when you can chicky and i hope the next lot aren't so taxing on you.

    Congrats and goodluck to Brent and Alex!! I remember when I first moved out of home and how exciting it all was ...... well till reality hit lol - but best wishes to them both, they have a super fabbo family to help them along.

    Julie xx

  8. Another tick....Good to hear all went well, also that u feel betta sooner this time. Ohhhh no...buggar the weekly treatments...Make sure u take it easy chicky!
    Ahhh nice kitchen u have Mardi.
    That is HUGE news for Brent & Alex.
    That's a gorgeous bracelet u have. How lucky!
    remember take care

  9. OMG Mardi was a fabulous new kitchen you have!!! How could you NOT bake in it? Lucky you!

    Great to hear you're feeling a little better after this round of chemo... and that's another one ticked off the list!

    Congrats and best of luck to Brent & Alex in their new home! I'm sure you'll still see them all the time.

    Love that gorgeous bracelet and the significance of the beads is just beautiful. What a sweetie Kerry is!

    Sheree xx

  10. all those trips down here sound exhausting in themselves, not even considering your treatments as well. glad you are feeling a little better this time around, hopefully a sign of things to come. your new place looks awesome !!!

    nic xxx

  11. Hope your feeling well, had so many friends have to go through Chemo as well. Seeing it in them I know it's not any easy road.

    Take Care and well wishes.