...some more pics..

23 April 2008

....of our still not finished home....I'm still unpacking... I'm still moving furniture....and I'm still yet to hang all the pictures etc.. but this will give you an idea of what our home is looking like so far.... (actually now Ive uploaded the pictures I'm half debating whether to share or not.... Id really rather share the finished rooms... but Im impatient......so please imagine it all finished...)
...anyway.... this is the dining / family area....

...the kitchen (this shot was taken very early in the moving in process.... nice temporary camping chairs)... my room... with my gorgeous citrus crush quilt on the end of my bed....and a nice pile of rubbish on the floor to put away.... I still haven't found our second pillows.... and the picture that used to hang above our bed just doesn't suit anymore....so I'm searching for a new one....and my scrap room... with piles more unpacking to do... and the nice carpet off cut stopping the dirt coming in from the garage....Well...thats it for tonight.....I'm off to Adelaide in the morning.....dose #4 is on the agenda....hoping my blood tests are good...
It seems like life has been a blur since the last dose..... it cant possibly have come around this quickly...


  1. Your house looks lovely, even if not fully unpacked...
    You're in my prayers for tomorrow, hope all tests have good results too.

  2. Hey Mardi,
    Can't wait to come and see it irl with all the furniture in it. How exciting!
    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow - just remember, that's just one more tick off of your list...;)

  3. Anonymous6:27 am

    ooh, it looks soo nice - we have similar decorating styles too i think!!

    all the best for today- will be thinking of you :)


  4. your home is beginning to take shape..looks great!!! good luck with treatment #4

  5. Your home is beautiful Mardi - all that waiting and, the time seems to have flown by now:)) How exciting:))
    Thinking of you..

  6. The house looks great mardi...

    All the best or tomorrow, I will be thinking of you xx

    Cherie xxoo

  7. Hey Mardi it looks beautiful...even if it's not set in stone.
    *fingers crossed* for #4, it has come so quick again. How many do u have to have?....I think I may have missed it.
    Wishing u a speedy recovery too ;P
    p.s envious of ur scrap space.

  8. I was just about to say #4 has come around so quickly! Hope today was ok. I guess you know what you're in for now, so you've gotta expect to be feeling pretty blah for a few days. :(
    And your house looks beautiful. I love those green walls with the timber furniture. And the tall skinny windows.
    Can I come and help you organise your scrap room, then scrap?

  9. Good luck Mardi, will be thinking of you.
    Your house looks absolutely divine. Look at all that space, and your scrapping room is wonderful. Enjoy putting things in their place :)

  10. Anonymous7:30 pm

    How exciting for you Mardi, putting everything in its 'new' spot :D I know your having a blast but also looking forward to that last box ;)
    Good luck with your treatment tomorrow ~ you'll do just fine ;) I'll have to support you from afar this time as I've got the flu and that's not what you need from me ATM.
    Take care...thinking of you

  11. Anonymous9:42 pm

    mardi, just read through ALL of your posts.

    just want you to know that you are an amazing strong woman, and (for what its worth) im thinking of you.

    i love your artwork - its absolutely gorgeous.

    stay strong

    steph xo

    so blessed to have a friend like Belinda !

  12. Oh Mardi your new house looks beautiful!! Love the kitchen!

    Hope today went well for you... also hoping you feel better asap! Another dose ticked off the list...

    Sheree xx

  13. Hiya Mardi,

    Wow! Your house looks amazing! I wish I could see it irl - I miss our morning teas :-)

    Hoping all is well,
    me xx