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1 April 2008

I have some more links to share......
Thankyou to Cherie..... for sharing some photos of her home in Charlton Vic.....I love how the town sits on the Avoca River....its so pretty.

...and a thankyou to Julie D .....who has shared some pics around her home in Perth.....I was amazed at how much bushland was near Julie....I just wouldn't have imagined that....

I am enjoying each and every one of these links....I love to travel ... and seeing as I cant at the moment....this is seriously the next best thing.

In other news.... my washing machine is fused...it needs a new motor.... so it wont be fixed until Wed night...thankfully Belinda has offered hers....so I'm heading there this morning for coffee....armed with a basket of dirty clothes....


  1. Thanks for the chat Mardi - always love seeing you...:D
    Off to do those darn party hats....promise!

  2. Thanks for the challenge Mardi, It has been great seeing where other people live.

    You will have to think of another challenge for all of us to do......

    Glad to hear your washing machine will be fixed Wednesday nigh...also glad B lives close by so you have been able to use hers.

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  3. It's been fun checking out the pics from around the country where people live! I'm going to have to get out and take some myself when I get the chance....

    Wednesday isn't too long to wait... your machine will be fixed in no time!

    Sheree xx

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