Saturday night..

31 May 2008

Boy...the weeks are just flying by....
I seem to always be playing catch-up.... and my to-do list never gets any shorter.
I have mail sitting here waiting to post...
Layouts needing to be scrapped....
I owe emails.... calls... and parcels... and it will all happen.... as I get to it.

Dose 7 went without a hitch on Thursday..... this time John took me... waited with me through out the entire treatment....and then drove me home again..... we came home via the SAAS South Office... and I was able to get my 'Project' that I will be working on. ...and sheesh... its a doozy. Not sure if I can even do it....but Ill have a go.

Had a wonderful visit from Belinda and Makenzie yesterday... I gave them the grand tour of the new house... and then sat and chatted... shared some recent layouts... and drank coffee.... I was smiling to myself all day after they left.... we must catch up more often...

Ian has been leveling the yard and carting dirt all week....the fence is ordered...and was supposed to arrive this week (but I cant see it out there hopefully it arrives next week. Tomorrow we plan to start filling in some garden beds....and maybe even plant some plants...its so much fun getting the garden organised.

Brent and Alex are well....and I'm getting used to them not being permanently here...they still drop in often...and can smell home cooking from their place I'm sure. Brent has begun working at a packing shed this week.... so he has full time work packing oranges during the week...and then works his casual shifts at GAME on the weekends.....that should help the bank balance.

Mitch played footy at Moorook today ... they lost by approx 2 goals...but he was named in the best he was happy.

Briony played Netball at Waikerie.... they also lost... and she was also named in the best players.

Ian played golf today...I have no idea if he won or lost....but he won a golf we are just one big happy family

Well....I'm deliriously tired... as you can probably tell by my dribble.... so Ill share a few layouts....and be off to bed I think.....
...oh and the Scrapboxx newsletter is out again..... as usual... its full of inspiration....layouts...and delicious new products...


  1. with all you have happening you still manage to whip up a bundle of beautiful creations. take care mardi. loved your vintage lo at KA too!

  2. Hi Mardi,
    Glad dose 7 went of well.

    Glad to hear you had a vist from B and Mr M....they would make anyones day.

    Beautiful Layouts as usual...

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  3. hey Mardi.....glad #7 is down and dusted......glad to hear things are moving along at never ends does it?.....i wish i could have popped down for a coffee:(

  4. So pleased that #7 is over and done with.
    I love your LOs- in fact I always love your LOs!!! They are always beautiful!

    Have a great week!

  5. I so love these pages Mardi and I agree with Cherie a visit from B and Mr M would make anyones day.

    Take care Missy

  6. You know how much I love our catch ups Mardi - the only part I don't like is I told you that I would keep you if I could...;)
    It's funny - we live so close, yet it's hard to find time to get together. Life is just too busy!

    Yummy layouts - they look just as fabulous on here as they do irl.

    A big thanks to Cherie and Julie for there lovely comments too...:D


  7. That's a + with #7. Good to hear it went without a hitch this time.
    Great that u were left smiling after Belinda & Mr. Makenzie's visit.
    Great lo's...will be adding them to my fav. eg lo's too.

  8. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    Glad to hear another dose is down and dusted :D
    I will catch up with you again really soon! I've been a busy little bee just recently but I have been thinking of you every Thursday :)
    Take care
    Chat soon

  9. Wow Mardi... with everything going on how do you still find time to create such gorgeous layouts?! They're awesome as always!

    So great to hear dose 7 went well... another one ticked off the list!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    Sheree xx

  10. Mrdi the layouts are really fab.Glad to see that number 7 went well for you.take care Kerry xx

  11. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work Mardi - as always!!!!!
    And it was lovely to hear you got a chance to catch up with Belinda!!
    Glad another round is over!!!!!!!
    And, thanks for the comments on my blog - you gorgeous gal!!!!
    Love ya!!