3 June 2008

*was pipped at the post bidding on makes my heart race!
Right down to the last few seconds I was winning...and then I couldnt get my final bid in quick enough...and sadly I missed no red tag sale alpha dies for me today...

*decided to get out of bed early and get moving on Wii fit... I loved it this morning... Briony decided it was far more entertaining to watch me than to stay in she joined me.
I caught her giggling to herself... as I finised up my exhausting hula hoop routine... only to discover she had filmed my bum in full action on her mobile phone.... the sight of my rockin robin pjs doing the hula hoop reminded me exactly why need to get out of bed early and get moving.

*Cooked a yummy chocolate weetbix slice last night....well actually...I brought the recipe home from work (after sharing a piece of Kathys....and her then giving me the recipe) ...and while I prepared fish and veg for tea....Briony made it...yummo!!

*Still no fence at our place.... it was supposed to arrive late last week... but nup!

*thats it...nothing more..


  1. Haha - do you think Briony might post that clip on U tube? hehe!

    Ebay does that to me too. I get so stressed out when I'm bidding on something that I have now chosen to stay away from the site! lol

    I'll be around later for some slice ok...hehe! ;)


  2. LOL at the Wii fit vision.

    I have had that happen to me on Ebay too. I missed out on a laptop computer by about $1 because my PC wouldn't bid fast enough. Grrr.

  3. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Sounds like you had a good workout Mardi:-)
    I was thinking of you today with you new canon camera when i was reading a mag I found at the newsagents, it's all to do with canon cameras giving very helpful anyway it's called PhotoPlus canon edition..
    From Caz

  4. LOL!!! How sneaky (& quick thinking) of Briony to catch you on camera...very funny!!

    Isn't that frustrating on E-bay? I hate getting pipped at the post - especially when it's something you really want!! Oh well... maybe next time!

    Sheree xx

  5. Don't you just hate that you think wow i got it then what a let down when you miss out.I have been thinking about those we thingo's latley wondering if it was the way to go to get me exercising again.Are they ?Take care Kerryxx

  6. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Kewl Mardi! Those WII fits sound like not only great exercise but heaps of fun too. I am seriously thinking of getting one too. I've heard great comments about them...and your not the only one who's been filmed doing the hula hoops PMSLOL! My bosses sone filmed his mum doing exactly the same thing *giggles*
    Take care sweets and I hope the fence turns up soon