The baby shower...

14 September 2008

...went without a hitch. I'm pretty sure Alex enjoyed her afternoon... I know we all enjoyed spending it with her... eating food..playing games....and celebrating the 'excitement' that will arrive sometime in the next few weeks.

So...what went on on the day?
We played a 'chocolate poo in the nappy game'....which was hilarious as everyone sniffed and felt...and even tasted to see what the contents actually were.... Briony and Hannah kindly prepared the nappies ahead of time....I think Briony looks suitably impressed with the 'poo' in this (Yes...I know...this game probably isn't everyones cup of tea...but it amused me.....and the guests seemed to enjoy it...or the humoured me and pretended
Alex received some beautiful and useful gits....linen... and two 'nappy cakes' .... which will come in very handy...This was my first 'nappy cake' attempt...I did try my hand at making singlet flowers for the top....which were.... not really that 'flower'
Yes...this is another 'chocolate poo in the nappy' shot...Alex seems very engrossed in this nappy.
Unwrapping the pressies.... lots of fun....
Baby shower......successful....tick
Now we just wait for 'that' phone call.....


  1. Looks like alot of fun Mardi. Love those nappies...hehe!


  2. LOL the choc poo nappy game...sounds like such a laugh...
    Alex looks glowing and gorgeous.
    Your nappy cake looks great...
    Have a great week
    Cherie xx

  3. Well done with the nappy cake, I love that card!

  4. That nappy game is so funny we played that at my daughters baby shower had some people dry reaching lol.Love the nappy cake too.She looks fab .take care Kerry xx

  5. I have never heard of a nappy cake before! I just had to go and check out instructions on youtube, lol.

    Alex looks soooooo gorgeous!!!

  6. check out the look on briony's face with the nappy. lol so funny. sounds like a fun afternoon. such an exciting time.

  7. Clever little chickie with the nappy cake...ROFL....I was thinking...I can't really see that it looks like a nappy....LOL then my brain clicked.
    OMG thats gotta be the quickest pregnancy! She so gorgeous!

  8. Glad you all had a super time - wished Kate and I could have been there Luv Donna:-)

  9. omg mardi what a fun idea that is...i have never heard of the nappy poo game or seen a nappy cake LOL...gee briony looks so much like you in that pic:)
    howd she enjoy the show?

  10. HI Mardi,
    I have been reading your blog now for sometime, well not long now till you become a grandma,,woohoo can't wait to read your blog and see the finally here message..

  11. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Oh I had a chuckle at the nappy snaps!!! LOL

  12. What adorable pictures. That nappy game is one of my favorite baby shower games. Sounds like you had a ball playing it. I just love playing baby shower games.

  13. Sounds like lots of fun Mardi... and that nappy cake looks fantastic! I don't think I've ever seen one of those! The card is just beautiful too...

    Sheree xx

  14. Anonymous1:00 pm

    I love your nappy cake! That looks totally awesome Mardi!
    The nappy game...ewwww! that looked so gross haha...but lots of fun too.