My December Daily album...

11 December 2008

....takes a bit of keeping up with....I think Im still quite a few days behind....but Ill hopefully catch up again soon.
Theres been so much happening this last week....
*I travelled to Adelaide for the Christmas craft fair on Saturday....had a fabulous day with Sandra...Sandy and Barb... I bought the most beautiful painting for my bedroom wall....I will share that later.
*Ian and I travelled back to Adelaide on Sunday..... got in a little Christmas shopping...had a lovely meal at Hogs Breath cafe....and a scrumptious apple and butterscotch pizza at a cafe on the way back to the Motel.....yummo.
*Monday I had an appointment with my surgeon and a mammo (just keeping an eye on the other breast)...and all was clear....I felt like I was floating...I was so relieved. Especially seeing as this time last year I was delivered the worst news of my life.
*Our pergola is finally finished....the iron went on yesterday....and Ian has almost finished the paving as well....all beautiful just in time for Christmas.
*Last night we attended Mitch's Year 12 graduation.....we were so proud of his achievment.
We were especially proud seeing as he managed to complete this as well as working full time over the last few months....a big thank you must go to his school for organising and working toward this on his behalf too..
*I have begun my Christmas cooking...I know that sounds like no big deal...but I hate to getting it done IS a big job. is a peak at my one - five....

Have a super week...


  1. Mardi- your Christmas album is coming along beautifully! I kind of wish that I had started one now- hmm maybe next year!!

    Good luck with that cooking!

  2. I can hear you with the cooking, I don't enjoy cooking either! I bet yours will be super yummy!!

    A BIG congrats to Mitch, that is wonderful he was able to finish and work full time too.

    AND loving your DD pages, so gorgeous and a lovely peak into your family and Christmas preparations too. xx Janelle

  3. your album simply lovely & coming along beautifully. Congrats on your mamms-gram

  4. Anonymous8:02 am

    Hi Mardi
    Wow 12 months since your life changing news and look at you now! So pleased to hear good results but we never doubted that did we! And it will be the same for your Mum. Happy Christmas to you both (and your family) Peggy (Kim's mum) x

  5. Your album is gorgeous!! I lurk a bit and I'm glad to hear all is going well for you. Congrats to your son, what a mighty effort!!

  6. It's been busy, busy at your place! So glad you got the all clear at your mammo... a huge relief!

    Loving your December daily album so far.. I'm lagging behind on mine but taking notes so I can do a big catch up later! Hee hee hee

    Sheree xx