Crochet for Brooke...

7 May 2010

I thought it was only fair really..... after all.....I'd crocheted a hat for Bella (below)..... ...and little Brookey didnt have one..... but she does now!

I found a quick and simple pattern ((here)))
A big thank you to Janelle for the gorgeous crochet flower that matched in perfectly.....and another to Ian's old Ted.... for so kindly modelling the hat in Brookes absence.

Then.....using the wool left over from Bellas hat....I tested a bootie pattern.... Im not quite so keen on them in this mohair type wool..... so I think a nice bright pair in plain wool is on the list...

Brooke has promised to model for me next time she visits....


  1. Anonymous9:59 am

    Ohhh they look gorgeous !!! You're very clever !! xx

  2. hee hee! so very cute!

  3. Oh how cute Mardi! Your hats and booties are very sweet. Now that I'm a little better at crochet I'd love to have a go at making Madi a hat for winter...just need to find a pattern that will fit now! LOL

    Sheree xx

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  5. Oh Mardi, they are just so darn cute..

    You are so clever.

    Cherie xxxx

  6. Oh Mardi, what an ADORABLE beanie and booties!!! I love the slouch had too. I wish I could crochet! Believe me I've tried! lol

  7. Ohhh I love these Mardi - you are so lucky to have a new little granddaughter. And Briony makes a great model!!!