My new banner...

15 May 2010

Im guessing if you have visited in the last few days you may have noticed an ever changing blog banner..... BUT finally..... I have reached a decision on the one I love most..... and ta da! here it is !

Now.....I cant take ANY credit at all...... my dear friend Janelle has designed this so beautifully just for me...

So thankyou Janelle for making the time to play around with it....when I know you are always so busy yourself.....Im sure you shoved another deadline aside to do this ....and its truly appreciated.


  1. It is utterly perfect Mardi and so very beautiful
    xxx Leanne

  2. Oh my goodness Mardi, you are WAY too kind. It was my absolute pleasure to have a play with a banner for you - I am glad you like it xxxxx Janelle

  3. oops, that was me, sorry, Emily was signed in - whoops xx

  4. Aaaww! So cute! Janelle is a wonderful person! Great job!

  5. It's so very it Mardi! Janelle you've done an awesome're so clever!

    Sheree xx

  6. beautiful Mardi

  7. Its so beautiful and so you, Janelle you have done a great job its just so Mardi...
    Cherie xx

  8. Love it Mardi... Just gorgeous.. xxxx


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