There is nothing more satisfying....

23 August 2010

....than finally putting literally hundreds of layouts into albums.....
Up until last week.... they were stuffed in cane the bookcase....and on top of my desk.....they were also stacked about 4 high on each of my display clipboards....
I desperately need more protectors.....and a few more albums....but I'm feeling pretty pleased to have them all organised at last. I wonder how long before I'm out of control again.

Thanks Martha for your question.....
so for those that are interested in how I finally organised my mountain of layouts..... here was my plan...

Because I used to mainly scrap 12 x 12 ....  I had a collection of these American crafts raw chipboard albums ...

There was one for each of the kids (Brent/Alex, Mitch/Meg and Briony).....and another containing everything else....

Then my love for 8.5 x 11 layouts grew.....and I bought some of these American crafts corduroy
8.5 x 11 albums..... I adore these...

I have one for for Brookie.....and another for everything else.
I still continued to put any 8.5 x 11 layouts of the kids in their 12 x12 albums.....because I'm quite fond of mixing the sizes.

But sadly now.... every album I own has reached capacity..... I can barely close the covers of the kids 12 x 12's.....and I have a bag of layouts belonging to Bella which don't even fit in her album at all!
So its time to invest again.....
This time I think Ill buy some of these.....
Ill continue with the same colour scheme per family member for easy identification....
Brent / Alex are blue
Mitch / Meg are red
Briony is lime green
Bella is light brown
Brookie is pink
Everything else is black

This way....hopefully Ill be able to keep everything in order and under control for a little while longer.

Id be very interested to hear how you organise your albums too.... or what albums you use and if you like them...


  1. Ahh, you make me laugh! That's a whole lot of beautiful memories right there, it must feel nice to have them sorted into albums!

  2. Hi Mardi, ohh it sounds so familiar, I hate that I have taken the time to record the memory then 'shoved' the page into a cupboard...can I ask for you to share your inspiration...what tupe of albums did you choose, why, and where did you get them...HELP!

  3. Oh good on you Mardi! That's such a huge job but it feels awesome when it's done. I'm in the same predicament...needing more protective sleeves and albums! LOL

    Sheree xx

  4. OMGosh!! Must feel good to have them nicely put away!!

  5. Mardi you are fantastic! Well done!

  6. Anonymous10:17 pm

    ah Mardi i have pages everywhere and the albums that i do have are sooo full they are just about bursting at the seams i need to invest in some good albums too, what was the brand name of the lime green album you found love it so pretty !
    Bridge x