You Capture - Emotion in black and white

18 March 2011

It had certainly been awhile since I had played along at 'I should be folding laundry'...

My excuse? camera has a fault...and in order to have it fixed....
I have to be prepared to live without it for a few weeks..
I just cant bring myself to do it.

I have discovered I can use it though.....I just need to adjust everything manually.. using this method...
I have a lot more disaster than success....but I occasionally jag a good shot

So this week is..
Emotion in black and white

and here is my Capture....
Bella on the swing.... pure delight!

Thank you all SO much for the encouragement as far as taking my stitched goodies to the markets...
and also for the etsy suggestion....I had toyed with that idea already...

 Sooooooo while I grow the plan a little more in my head...
Ill keep on stitching....and any further developments....will be announced right here.


  1. this photo is magnificent totally outstanding ....I adore it .... hugz x
    those little fabric toys are delightful You would go really well if you wanted to sell them.. make sure you charge enough though !!!!

    I posted my first page on TCR today ... a fun Palett.. blue hues ..

  2. Oh Mardi what a beautiful photo!!! Love it!!!

    Sheree xx

  3. Just gorgeous can see the pure delight in her smile, you did capture it.

    I must get back into the
    'you capture" challenges...thanks for the inspiration.

    Cherie xoxo