Tossing an idea around in my head..

17 March 2011

I had a bit of an idea that Id like to take some of my stitched goodies to the markets..
but typical of me...
I'm worried that it might be silly idea...
Its a given that not everyone will like my rough around the edges style...
BUT what if no-one at all liked it? that would be embarrassing.

So while I ponder the shall I's....or shan't I's...
Ill just keep stitching...
because I like them....
and so do my girlio's

Want a peek?

Here's a parliament of owls....
(and yes...that's the technical term....I googled it)

Some bubba owls... Dixie and Dot


and Dulcie.

Some journal covers...

Should I?.... shouldn't I?
that is the question.


  1. Why not. I am also in the process of setting my self up for markets.A slow process But we will get there!!!!

  2. I'd love to buy one, I think they are super cute!!!!!

  3. Anonymous8:20 pm

    How about an etsy shop?? I think they are cute...


  4. Anonymous8:33 pm

    aww miss mardi No more doubting yourself they are super cute i say GO for it :)

  5. OMG Mardi, do it! Tell you what, Marnie has had a peek and loves it all so I will be your first customer next weekend and buy her a couple of things for her birthday :-)

  6. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Yes go for it! They are just gorgeous!! A friend of mine sells softies at the markets here and she says the owls are the best seller, so i think your onto something. I know i would buy one :)

  7. Absolutely go for it Mardi! I love the owls and your journal covers...all so gorgeous!!! They'd sell for sure! :)

    Sheree xx

  8. Honestly Mardi... who wouldn't love your gorgeous creations... a friend and I are having our first market stall next week and I can't wait... should be so much fun... go for it...
    an etsy shop is another alternative but I must admit I love the buzz of a market...

    Jenny x

  9. Oooowww I LOVE Them!! LOVE LOVE the owls, and I would most definately buy a journal cover, they are devine!!
    Do it cos you are great! xo

  10. Go for it! They're lovely!

  11. Well before you sell them at market I think I need to buy some :)
    Have you though about selling through facebook? I know alot of people have had great success.
    Also it is a way for people like me who don't live near you, but read your blog to purchase your amazing gorgeous stuff too!!!!!

    They will be a hit no matter where you sell them.
    Sandi :)

  12. YES for sure Mardi! But I think you will have to have a "travelling market" so people NOT in your neck of the wood don't miss me!!!! The hardest thing with markets is the pricing??? Ooohh but the cuteness of your 'parliament' (by the way nicely googled!) will sell for sure!!!!

  13. Definitely, stop being a big chicken and put their price tags on ... they are all gorgeous and I bet they will sell in a heartbeat.

  14. Anonymous12:47 pm

    I say GO FOR IT :)

    I am sure you would soon obtain many happy customers wanting to buy from you. Your creations are so cheerful and colourful.

    From Susan McGuire (smiles1965) xxoo

  15. Anonymous2:14 pm

    I vote "do it" Mardi...they are so cute and owls are very popular at the moment as sure seller.

    Lorraine V

  16. Do it Mardi...your stuff is so super cute...who would not want to buy it!!

    cherie xx

  17. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Of course you should you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, you have great taste and will probably sell out at your 1st stall!
    Good Luck!

  18. I think you should go for it, they are all very cute!

  19. Mardi - your creations are wonderful! Have you taken the leap yet? I'd love to buy two of your owls for my twin niece and nephew's 1st Birthday. Just tell me how :)

  20. Love your Owls Mardi!! Especially the journal cover!! Like your use of different fabrics!!

  21. Please let me know what you decide to do here Mardi because I have a favourite:)