20 things I achieved today....

31 May 2011

1.Cleaned the house.... including the bathrooms (I tried some of the new Viva Shower scum wipes...which seemed quite good actually)
2.Mopped all my floors....( sounds like nothing out of the ordinary....except Ian mopped them last....and he broke my mop handle in half....which means today I mopped the entire house with a 2' handle on my mop!! It killed my back....and cut my hand on the jagged edge...I have never been in so much pain for the sake of clean tiles)
3. Caught up on the washing.
4. Admired these new fabrics that I bought......and tried to dream up what I could create from them.

5. Took a couple of bags of old clothes to the Op shop
6. Bought myself a glass bowl and a large mirror from the same Op shop
7. Popped out to our local Fruit and Veg wholesalers to stock up for the week... $28.00 later I came home with a 500ml bottle of local pressed olive oil... sweet potatoes... zucchinis....broccoli....cauli...baby spinach...mushrooms.... coriander....limes and alfalfa sprouts.
8. Tidied up my desk...including writing all appropriate appointments on the calendar.
9. Finished off a little mini album
10. Finished off a cute little crochet hat for Brooke
11.Enjoyed the company of Briony and Hannah who spent a few hours catching up on homework.

12. Folded and put away all the washing
13. Cleaned out the pantry and fridge
14. Cooked a yummy green curry steak dish.....with a paneer cheese salad....and pappadams for dinner.
15. Baked a muesli slice for Brionys lunches this week.
16. Took some photos
17. Cut out some journal covers for Dudley and Grace
18.Ironed my uniform and packed my lunch ready for work in the morning.
19. Flopped on the couch....with my laptop on my lap.... ready for my usual Tuesday night viewing.... Masterchef and Winners and Losers.
20.Oh and mended Brionys ugg boots ... because....typical of my luck....I wore them once....and the sole lifted....so that they talked as I walked..lol
How was your day....

Edited to add...... 
21. Stumbled across this Shabby blogs post as I was doing my blog round tonight....it was one of those 'hallelujah moments...talk about hit the nail on the head.
Check it out at Shabby blogs.


  1. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Wow Mardi! what a busy day, you did well!
    Just remember to get a new mop handle before that floor needs to be cleaned again okay? xx

  2. Wowee Mardi I'm exhausted just reading all about your day!! You've been very productive!! I hope you've got 'new mop' written down on your next shopping list. Lol Have a great day at work tomorrow
    Sheree xx

  3. WOW Mardi, now that blog post is one that could cause me some blog envy LOL (only joking!), however you do achieve more in a day than anyone I know. I bet you felt wonderful last night, knowing how much you achieved. Well done! P.S. I am with the other girls, you need a new mop handle LOL
    xx Janele

  4. Anonymous11:13 am

    Wow I am tired just reading it all, well done you!!!
    You really have to get a new mop or a steam mop they are great on tiles and easy on the back.
    I hope you get a quite shift so you can have a rest!

    Jen (who still can't leave comments under google)

  5. Wow, I'm puffed just reading that! You're a wonder-woman! I just did the washing, vacuuming and mopping and was tuckered after that, and my mop is full length, I can't imagine what your back must feel like!

  6. ah, a big day with lots checked off the to-do list - my favourite kind of day! Hope you've treated yourself to a new mop handle ha ha...

  7. OMG!! You are superwoman!!!!!