My super simple travel album....

26 August 2011

I've finally finished it...Yay!
Once again before our trip away I created a little mini book skeleton to record our holiday.
I packed up some essential supplies....
(double sided tape, stapler, hole punch, scissors)
and a whole stack of ready prepared pages in varying sizes...
as well as a typed out sheet of page prompts
(like..."today we camped here" ....".the best thing today was.." )

So each day Id record our travels and details in a notebook and collect any tickets and relevant brochures along the way.
I began adding these into my album.... just leaving spots for the photos to be added when I got home.
(Its exactly the same process that I used last year for our trip to Darwin.....there are a lot more details here)

So I wont bore with details....
but here is a simple cover....I added some wheel tracks using a lego car...

These shots show all the pages in varying sizes....

...and a peak inside...

Such an easy way to record our trip....
and it also gives me something to work on as we travel....I couldn't imagine not having something crafty to do.


  1. Love the Lego tracks on the cover! What a gorgeous album, you've done a fantastic job!

  2. Hi Mardi..this is just perfect. Maybe I will try a mini to get me scrapping again. Love your plates on tt..I pickef up some this week as well. Show n tell on Sunday. Have a happy weekend lovely.

  3. Anonymous4:25 pm

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  4. Wow it looks fabulous Mardi! I just love all the little peeks you've shared with us and the cover is just perfect with the car tracks!

    Sheree xx

  5. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Gorgeous Mardi...LOVE the tyre tracks!

  6. I really love this style of travel album and your other one that you made, they look fantastic. Im scrapping my Daydream mine photo's today :) I had intended to make a Mardi Inspired album before we went on this trip but I just ran out of time so two months after the trip Im finally sitting down to scrap the holiday photos,your way is so much easier.