Thank you....

27 August 2011

You may recall that last week I made a post asking your thoughts on

I was feeling particularly swamped... my 'to-do' list was growing...and I felt I was barely achieving anything....I was also...perhaps......feeling a little whingy.

It was so lovely to read the comments that followed...
It was like there was a little group of us.....all experiencing the exact same feelings.....
and it did make me feel better.
It was like a little reality reminded me that little things DO grow into bigger even small snippets of time spent on a particular project are worthwhile.

Its also lovely to know that while my list of W's IP is is yours....
we crafty souls will always have a 'list' thats what makes us who we are.....and its the very thing that has brought us all together.

So ... thankyou!
Thank you for the 'loving' when I needed it....
Have a great weekend ...
Oh...and I just had to share seemed so appropriate...
it comes via pinterest.....thanks to Janelle for pinning it.

Have a great weekend
Mardi x


  1. Lovely post Mardi. I think your previous post resonated with us all. xo

  2. I feel everything you are saying. We have strruggled alot these last couple of years with one thing and another but we had made a concious decision to at least DO SOMETHING!!! And it is working:) Long way to go but we feel more in control.
    Good luck with finding a balance, sometimes it just take a run at one thing to be able to tackle the rest dont you think?

  3. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Mardi....I have only just seen your blog posts (I have really distanced myself from the computer!) but I could have written your post about 'how do you do it all?!'

    I struggle with this too.

    I am SURE that a lot of the idealistic craft/mum/lifestyle blogs and things we read and see are in a lot of ways 'constructed' for their audience...not many people could possibly live these 'perfect' lives.

    Try not to compare your life to anyone elses, but just know that there are us out here who are feeling your pain! That's why I've been avoiding the computer- to be honest, it is one of the best BUT the worst thing in my life too- it eats my days alive if I don't stay on top of it.

    Love to you! xx