Ooops...MIA for a few days....

29 November 2011

I hadn't realised it was so long since I posted.....
I had a little hiccup I wasn't expecting....
I was involved in a bit of an accident at work.

I'm always reluctant to mention anything about work...... to me its a no-go zone...but this little incident made the local and national I figured I would touch on it here......and use it as a positive...... to list all the things I am grateful for.

Like the fact that no-one else was involved.
My partner and I were on our way to a job.......there was no patient onboard.....and all other road users managed to avoid us as we can sliding down the road.
I couldn't bear the thought of involving anyone else.

I'm also grateful that my partner and I only received minor injuries.
I have some shiny bruises and needed a tweaking at the Chiro.... my partner who was driving hit the ground the hardest and had a few more sore spots than me.....but all in all....we are fine.

I'm extremely grateful for the members of the public who stopped and helped..... there were a few men who assisted us in getting out of the vehicle.....and I'm very grateful for them.
There were also a huge number of people who rushed over to check our welfare....thanks to them also.

I am so grateful for the wonderful friends and colleagues within SAAS......I have had numerous phone calls.....emails and visitors....all to check on how we are doing.
SAAS management have been wonderful......and although there is the mandatory truck load of forms and paperwork that come with any incident.....they have out our welfare first and foremost.

I'm so grateful for my family.....who have not given me a second of sympathy...we don't do sympathy well in our 
I've been the butt of all the 'rolling and flipping' jokes they can think of....
Like the morning after when I got out of bed.....
...." just roll out of bed did ya Mum?......want me to flip you an egg?"
Haha....very funny.

I'm also very grateful that the Ambulance protected us the way its designed to....
everything inside pretty much stayed I'm sure they would rather we hadn't tested it out.....but since we have.....its nice to know it handled it well.

Some other things in hindsight.....

When I got dressed that morning I actually thought to myself.....
gee those undies are getting a bit thin.....I hope I don't have an accident and need my pants cut off.
(Thank goodness there was NO pants cutting.)

and my absolute pet hate......
I wish.....and this is something that has bugged me for ever...and now it involves me....

I wish people would think before they take photos of things like this and load them to Facebook.
My kids found out on Facebook before I had even got the chance to phone them.
Imagine the fright they got.....knowing that was my fleet.....and I would have been in it.

I know its useless.......but if I could just jump on my soapbox for a second.....
if you do come across an incident.....before you get your phone out and begin snapping photos.....please offer assistance......if you are not needed.....get out of the way....and please think before loading your photos to social media......these people have family and friends....imagine yourself in the same position.
(That stems from a fury I have after attending many public incidents....
.unfortunately there seems to be no common courtesy these days.).....stepping off soapbox now.
(Oh and I realise I'm preaching to the converted blog readers would be the assistance offering type.....not the photo loading type.....but its still food for thought and worth mentioning to your kids.)


  1. Whoops!
    Hope the bruises are feeling better Mardi, how scary to be flipping and sliding. I agree with your soapbox rant, people standing around taking photos before offering assistance are a worry.
    Take care!

  2. Marg S8:51 am

    Pretty scary for all involved - glad everyone is OK. And your 'soapbox' comments are definitely sobering, & food for thought.

  3. Glad to here you are both ok, You must have got such a fright. I too agree social media often goes a bit far.I usually here any news about our extended family from facebook.

  4. Oh Mardi that must have been horrible. I am so pleased to hear you are okay and on the mend. You never cease to amaze me with your glass half full attitude. This is a lovely post really!

    Had a chuckle at the 'no sympathy comments'. Your family sounds just like ours!

  5. Glade to hear that you are both well. A well written post and I am with you whole heartly about the social media, people neet to think more first.

  6. Goodness me mardi! It must have been quite terrifying at the time... so pleased you were not seriously hurt! Couldn't agree more with the photo snapping obsession and the need some people have to 'tell the story first at all costs!' Love your family's way of using humour to deal with things... kinda like mine. As my dad always says 'if you're looking for sympathy, you'll find it in the dictionary between sh*t and syphilis!!' :)) Big hugs... xx

  7. Jennifer10:26 am

    So pleased that you are both ok! I totally agree with your soapbox rant, I don't even like people putting photos of others without permission. I read an interesting article about taking care with social networks coming up to the holidays, so many post pics of their house, giving away locations etc and often giving theives a guided tour. okay stepping down now
    Hope the bruises mend quickly!

  8. Brenda10:51 am

    I'm so thankful you are okay as well as your co-worker. Take good care.

  9. So glad to read you and your partner are OK, very scary!!

    Take care
    Cherie xoxoxox

  10. Oh no! Glad you're okay...and the family jokes are still rolling. haha!

    I totally agree with the social media side of things. My husband is a police officer and even though they could possibly use the photos taken to piece together information, it does hinder their job and it brings frustration out at work and at home. Unfortunately there are people out there that just need to be 'in the know' and the first with information. It just shows how small minded they are.

    Glad to see you back...have missed your posts the last few days and hoped you were okay.

  11. OMGosh! Mardi!!! I am so glad that you are okay! (LOL @ the undie thing!!) But I totally get the photo taking business...

    Hope the bruises heal quickly...x

  12. Oh Mardi! Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you're both OK. That's sooo awful that the kids found out via Facebook. I really hate that too. People just don't think. Or is it more that they just don't care...

    You made me laugh with your undies and flippin comments. xo

  13. So glad to hear you are OK! And that you can see the positives x

    Stand on that particular soapbox as often as you like, there are plenty of us right behind you :)

  14. oh my goodness, so glad you are both okay. Must have been scary.
    I agree with you, people need to have a bit more conscience about such things.

  15. I am so glad that you and your co-worker are OK! That photo looked like it could have been nasty, so I can imagine the shock your kids got when they saw it. I share your feelings about social media and oversharing. I would never think about taking a photo! But then again I don't have one of these smart phones where with one click of a button you can share anything on FB. I'm a bit of a dinosaur in that regard :).

  16. Oh my goodness... mum was heading to Berri and said she had to stop cos an ambulance had rolled over... didn't think it could have been you... love the comments from the family lol... good to hear you're OK, take care xx

  17. Oh my, that is scary indeed. Accidents happen too fast, but am so glad you and your partner are all fine.

    laughed about your undies... i had a rather bad car accident where mypartner broke his leg and they cut off both shorts and undies, everytime I leave the house I try to choose between the "ok to cut them up because they are old" or the "too old and totally embarrassing undies should ayone see them" not too mention the cute undies, ot sure what they would think of my Miss Piggy undies you know???

    heaing you about the social media, read some shocking stories on FB anout this earlier tonight :( nothing is sacred anymore!

    Rest up xxx

  18. Oh my gosh Mardi... how very scary... glad that both you and your partner are OK... did have a little smile at the undies comment... I think things like that too :))

    Jenny x

  19. Oh my Mardi, so glad you are ok.
    I agree I cannot understand the peopl these days in taking footage. I understand we are in a technology age, but common decency should always win out!!!

    Mel xxx

    PS I laughed at your no sympathy (hubby is an ambo) & your leg would have to be cut off to get any sympathy!!! LOL

  20. So pleased to hear you are both OK. That would have been scary for all involved. I love your honesty Mardi...(the undies,the no sympathy)...makes me laugh and your thoughts on social media...I'm with you 100% thanks for sharing.

  21. Mardi, I have been watching your weight loss, seeing what you wear on Wednesdays and checking out your thrifting bargains but I had no idea you were an ambo!!! My son has just completed his induction course and hopefully will be fully trained in 18mths and he just loves it. So glad you were ok and keep up the good work!!

  22. Oh my goodness, So pleased you are both ok, and good on you for seeing the positives :)

  23. oh Mardi i cracked up at the undies bit:) Thanks for the giggle:) Im glad you guys are ok, as you know, i understand and agree with your soapbox rant. Its far to easy and people have become so insensitised to accidents and things now i think. I hate that you can post anything with just the click of a button. How awful for the kids to find out that way....and i bet it wad Mitch with the roll out of bed comment??