The girlies and the bunnies....

25 July 2012

Briony and Jarrad have bought themselves some adorable lop eared rabbits.

Over the years we have had other various rabbits .... but these are the first dwarf lop.
I was so surprised by how tame and placid they are.. they're just content to sit and snuggle... so cute.

The girlies are delighted with them.... but as you can imagine a two year old and a tiny little rabbit aren't the best of we have been standing by.... watching closely so we can swoop in and save the poor bunnies if need be.

Their little bunny names?
Well after much deliberation....and lots of suggestions.... they have finally been named...
Rex and Lola...

Its definitely happy days when the bunnies are around.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Mardi, of the girls and Rex and Lola. How sweet. My kids had bunnies when they were small too. Our little black one, Ebony, loved to watch TV from her own bean bag while munching strawberries.

  2. LOVE the bunnies...they are so cute...are Rex and Lola a boy and a girl?? know waht they sad about bunnies!!!....the girlies must just adore them...xx

  3. Killing them with kindness??
    My kids had pet rats & their 4 year old cousins played with them like they were those rubber toys with the "popping out eyes" when you squeeze thier middle. Needles to say, we had to hide the pets when they came over!!

  4. Oh my gosh Mardi... Rex and Lola are seriously adorable... and the photos of the girls are beautiful... after being away from the computer for a couple of weeks... I have been playing catch up with my fave blogs... thanks for sharing David's book... have just purchased a copy... and can't wait to read it... had every intention of making your delicious orange cake today... but do you think I could find the rice malt syrup in the health aisle... will have to try somewhere else tomorrow...

    Jenny x

  5. I better not show this to Marnie, she is obsessed with mini lops. I wasn't sure how they would go in the freezing overnight temps? Will be watching with interest :)

  6. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Oh so cute!!!

    Great photos, thanks for sharing. I have a soft spot for animals and bunny rabbits are on my list of top 10 all time favourites.

    I loved how you re-decorated those tea towels for your recent camping trip. They look so pretty, well done.

    I better go now, am taking my daugther to a birthday party soon and we haven't wrapped the present as yet.

    Bye for now, have a wonderful week. From Susan McGuire :)