Another week of sugar free....

9 July 2012

Quitting sugar is a decision I'm so glad I made...
I keep mentioning how right it feels....
and how easy I've found it...
and how much I am enjoying the benefits of it.....but I know that the thought of committing to it scares some people off.
 I have had varied reactions to my decision.... some people have been inspired ...interested....and wanting to share experiences....and take the journey together.
Others have thought I'm ridiculous....that this is a fad.... an unreal expectation....and that they themselves could NEVER do it....nor would they want to.
I have some members of my family that fit into this later category too.

I have never said Id be perfect at it..... I knew at the very beginning of this commitment that there may be times where it was extremely difficult to avoid a sugar treat or meal....and if that was the case I would make the choice to eat it....and just get myself back on track as soon as possible.

This weekend was one of those times....
We stayed with family..... and had the most beautiful meal....which was followed by a pavlova made by my young nephews....I couldn't say no....they had put so much love and effort into it....and aside from looked so delicious.... SO....I chose to have a small slice...and then the next morning....I got back on wasn't even a conscious came naturally. I said no to the biscuits at my Grandmas....and didn't look twice at the chocolates when we filled up with fuel...
and I felt very content that I am back on my sugar free path.

I have to cough up the truth here though....I didn't exactly follow the rules to quitting sugar to the letter.....its generally suggested you cut back.....then enter a complete sugar free a detox..... then slowly reintroduce some natural sugars and substitutes back in... keeping your daily intake to a minimum.
So that may mean introducing a piece of fruit....or being able to cook with some rice malt syrup...
still no fructose....still no processed sugars.... but a little more spice and sweetness in your diet through other means. The intention behind this is to stop the break the cycle....and to reset the bodies natural metabolism and appetite gauge to speak.

However.....I skipped the detox.....I have never eliminated every single sugar source...and I'm ok with that.
I have not eaten any processed sugar since I began....nor have I had any processed biscuits or cakes...but I have still had the occasional sprinkle of sultanas on my porridge...and added some rice malt syrup to my baking....and I found the most delicious sugar free (stevia sweetened) hot chocolate that I have each night after dinner as a treat.

If you are considering ...weighing up....or ready to quit sugar in your diet... 
and not sure where to begin.....
this is a MUST read ....I found it so valuable.... it has some recipes included....and also links to further information.... and resources.
It opened up a whole new world for me.

Anyway..... what have I been up to in the kitchen this week?
I seemed to settle into a routine....and I wasn't quite as adventurous as I have been in past weeks.
I was thrilled though when a lovely blog reader Anita left me a recipe to try.... which I am sharing with you all here as it was simple.... cheap (three ingredients).....and delicious!

(I guess this is an example of me bending the sugar free rules slightly.... dates are used as the sweetener in these and are actually quite high in natural technically....not sugar free...
However the nut content is high....and nuts are wonderful at filling and satisfying...and if you read
this recipe...which is another similar version....written by Sarah at My New Roots...
she explains how dates are "power packed energy nuggets" me they are the perfect end of the day treat. They are sweet....satisfying...and healthy...and when my family reach for them instead of the usual sugary makes me very happy.)

Nut and Date balls....


  • one cup dates 
  • 2 cups of raw cashews
  • Coconut to roll


  1. blend them until they form a dough consistency (I use my food processor) and roll them into small balls then roll them in coconut.

Additional notes

I keep mine in the freezer and have them as a treat after dinner with a cup of tea

Thanks again Anita for sharing your recipe.... it was so appreciated....

I wonder what this week of sugar free will bring?


  1. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Hi Mardi :) So glad you're going 'sugar free', you just feel SO much better for it!

    But like you, I've done it my own way a bit. Eg I'm not afraid to include a little honey where needed....I still think honey is a great whole food....but I just don't have buckets of it. Also I don't completely cut out fruit either. Basically just cut back on any processed foods and try to make my own version of things.

    I recently got strict with the no sugar thing again after falling off the bandwagon (thanks to some lovely medication I had to be on for a while!), and just today I think I'm coming out of my 'detox' phase, and feel great! Clear head, energy, easy to get out of bed etc.

    Keep up the good work!

    Roz xx

  2. Well, yes I am one of those inspired ones who is happy to be travelling on this little sugarless journey!

    I a loving reading your recipes and updates on how you are going. I love that we are sharing tips and blogs and things and thank you for the hot choc mix recommendation because it's delicious and a lovely end of the day treat!

    I am still experimenting in the kitchen and I am going really well with the no sugar thing. I am starting to feel much better now but I think I am still detoxing so not feeling as great as I hope to in another week...

    Keep up the lovely healthy kitchen posts - I love them!

  3. Mardi... I, for one... love hearing about this journey you are on... love that you share your recipes... and love hearing about your results... you have inspired me no end... I have made... and loved quite a few of your recipes... I opt for a small handful of nuts now instead of the processed biscuits and cakes... and I am eager to read more about the dates... can't wait to try the Nut and Date Balls... thank you for opening my eyes...

    Jenny x

  4. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Making food changes is not always easy. I would find it very very very hard to stop eating sugar.

    I have a very naughty addiction to cookies and biscuits and always want to have them when I have cups of tea. It is a bad habbit I really must break.

    I think sugar is an unhealthy addiction for many of us. Your fantastic to take this seriously and make such a big change to your eating habbits.

    Wishing you lots of luck. So far you seem to be doing very very well. I hope it continues to make you feel happier and healthier.

    From Susan McGuire xxoo

  5. Mardi I looked at this 6 months ago but just wasn't sure I could do it!! I really love food not necessarily sugar foods and wasn't sure hubby & girls could cope. Seeing your journey has inspired me to think About it again. Thanks for sharing your recipes etc.

  6. Mardi I looked at this 6 months ago but just wasn't sure I could do it!! I really love food not necessarily sugar foods and wasn't sure hubby & girls could cope. Seeing your journey has inspired me to think About it again. Thanks for sharing your recipes etc.

  7. love how you are including healthy food recipes that are {normal!}= family food, that no one will screw their noses up at!