My blog makeover......

5 July 2012

I am chuffed....with my new blog makeover.. 
I've been skipping around...
clicking on it for another look...
and showing it to everyone who passes....

and its all credit to this clever chicken....
Miss Emily Wind.. author of Crafty girl blog.

Emily has such an amazing creative talent ....she is a superstar in my opinion and destined for BIG things....huge things in fact.

So you may have noticed my previous blog was a little booooooooring...... but I never quite mustered the energy it would take for me to overhaul it. 

Then I noticed Emily giving her Mum Janelles a lovely little makeover... and I muscled on in and asked if I could employ her to do the same for mine.
Luckily for me Emily said yes!!!!

We waited for the school holidays so Emily had some free time....
and got started....
We have emailed to and fro....
I've scuttled around searching out photos.... and the rest is all thanks to Emilys hard work and determination.
Even when I asked for the impossible she has nutted it out...and made it possible for me.
Nothing has been any trouble....
She is super talented....and such a sweetie too....

Thanks Emily from the bottom of my heart....


  1. what a sweetie to help you out.....i love the handwritten font , it all looks wonderful...

  2. It looks fabulous Mardi!

  3. Mardi it was my pleasure!! I just loved doing it for you! It makes it even more better when you are so happy about it! yay! I am so glad you love it! Thank-you for posting about me! I am SO glad you like it! xoxo, Emily

  4. The makeover looks fantastic Mardi! Awesome job Emily! x

  5. she really is truly awesome. She did mine too & I love it. What a great job she did, it looks fabulous!!!

    M xx

  6. So LOVE your new blog look Mardi... it not only looks professional but is also full of color and fun... what an amazingly talented girl Emily is... I am without doubt that she is destined for HUGE things...

    Jenny x

  7. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Emily sure is talented and clever. What a lovely new funky blog design for you Mardi. I love the photos and colour scheme.

    From Susan McGuire xxoo

  8. Oh it looks beautiful Mardi. Totally Jelly:)


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