Another little upcycled stitching project...

23 August 2012

You may have read about my gorgeous birthday gift from Char that contained some thrifted linens and remnants? if not you can find the original post here.

in among the collection was a linen tea towel featuring the Riverland region...(which is where we live)...
It gave me an idea.....

I created a cushion for Janelles birthday using a map of our region.....I added a little applique fabric house and an arrow to where I live..... just in case she forgets...haha!!

Its a little on the quirky side I guess.... but I thought it was nifty....and I hope when Janelle looks at it she is reminded of us here in SA.

(Beautiful photos courtesy of Janelles blog)

There is something satisfying about giving old linens a new lease on life.
(Well to me there is anyway... I think it part of my frugal nature...haha)


  1. Anonymous6:59 pm

    love this Mardi ... very groovy!!

  2. woops that was me above :-)

  3. Think this is a brilliant idea!! I am sure your friend absolutely loved it :)

  4. oh this is beautiful mardi. i made a map cushion recently too! i will show and tell on my blog once it arrives at its new home. it is not nearly clever as yours though!!! I LOVE the house. Just so Mardi. Must add piping to my list of things to learn. It just makes it!

  5. Oh Mardi, I can't begin to tell you how much I LOVE my cushion. Honestly, I just love love love it. It sits in my hallway so that I can look at it every time I walk in and out of my house. I often just pat it on my way past, I just love it. Thank you SO much for spoiling me xxxx