Scarf swap - anyone interested?

27 August 2012

I had a little brainwave this week.. and wondered if anyone wants to join in?
Are you a little bored with your wardrobe now its nearing the end of winter?
Have you worn the same scarves over and over (like me)?
Would you be interested in a swap?

I figured we must all have scarves that we are tired wouldn't it be fun to pair up and swap.
Imagine having a lovely new scarf to team up with something in your wardrobe....and at the same time to be able to send one of yours off to a new home where it is appreciated once again.

How will the swap work?
Its super simple....

If you are interested in taking part please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post.....
then send me your details via email.

I will need your......
Full and postal address

To help out your swap partner please include your Blog address if you have one...
and list a couple of likes or dislikes as far as scarves go.
Hopefully this will help your swap partner to choose a scarf they think will suit you.

My email addy is -

Please spread the word... the more the merrier.
(Feel free to use my image on your blog)

 I will close the swap off around Monday 10th September.

I will then pair up all the names and forward to you the details of your swap partner.

Then all you need to do is choose a scarf and pop it in the post to your swap partner by the end of the following week (or as soon as possible).

The scarves can be new or pre-loved but please make sure they are clean and in lovely condition....make sure it is a scarf you would love to receive yourself.

I really hope you can join in the fun.


  1. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Great idea! I'd love to join in.
    Moi x

  2. Yes please, I love this idea and I love scarves. Please count me in x

  3. Oh I love this idea Mardi! I am addicted to scarves!

  4. And I have done a quick post about it...

  5. I saw this on Leonie's blog - I'm from NZ could I participate?

  6. I'm super interested and excited about this swap!

  7. Hi lovely,
    Count me in!! I would love to participate :)
    I have a scarves are getting out of hand, how do you store yours??
    xx Lauren

  8. Fun fun. Please count me in Mardi.

  9. Lisa Giddins8:30 pm

    LOVE my scarves...would LOVE to join this swap...waht a fab idea!

  10. Sarah J7:52 pm

    Hi, I love this idea, I will send you my info... Sarah J ;-)