4 September 2012

It sure has been hectic around here this last week.....
I hadn't realised just how long it had been since my last blog post.

So seeing as its been quite some time since a family post.....I thought I might dot point a few moments.

1. Ian and I have spent a few days in the garden.....
I'm planning my next veggie plant up.....and the trees are starting to blossom..... I've chopped back all my herbs and I'm now waiting for a fresh new crop to arrive.

2. I have been working on some new lovelies for my Etsy store Dudley and Grace...
I haven't updated the store yet.....but I will in the coming week...
I'm so excited to add in some new favourite canvases and prints.

3. This gorgeous chicken Bells began pre-entry insane is that!

4. This cutie pie Brookie.... taught herself to whistle and burp on command....yep...she is a dag.
Nothing dainty or sweet about our Chook.

5. Mitch and Meg moved out..... I have finally stopped my sobbing...LOL
I miss them terribly....but its so nice of them to have their own space....a lot closer to their work....which means a lot less time on the road.
This week I have given their old room a makeover.....I will share some pics of that later.

6. We all gathered for Fathers Day lunch.... 
Mum and Dad were visiting it was nice that we could all be together.

7.  While Mum and Dad were here we made the most of them... haha...
Mum made her trademark fish batter.....and Dad cooked it to crispy perfection..... once again the word got out that Granny and Grumps were cooking and the kids rolled in by the dozen.

8. and lastly another pic of Bella as I cant post an odd number of photos just would be right.

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  1. Love seeing all your family gatherings Mardi, you are so lucky to have them all so close to you :)