Project life...well sort of...

10 January 2013

It seems this year there has been a real buzz in the air about Project life.
I know in previous years I've often admired versions I've seen as they pop up on blogs...IG and the like.....but to be truthful the thought of doing one just never entered my head.

That was until this year when I decided I really missed recording our years events.... and thought it was time I embarked on a new project....SO.....a simplified version of Project Life seemed the perfect fit for me.

So I decided to scrap mine monthly instead of weekly....
I dug out an old 12 x12 white fabric covered album I had on hand....
I purchased a few sets of divided page protectors....I have a feeling mine were WeR Memory Keepers (stupidly threw out the packaging so I cant be sure)
which gave me a few additional divided pages as well as lots of tags and papers to mingle in with my pages.

I then planned out my pages....
I have a cover page....which will end up showcasing  3 - 4 of the biggest highlight photos from the this stage it just houses a few recent ones from January. I imagine this cover page will evolve as our year goes by.

Then I have left a double 12 x12 spread for each month.
I'm using the divided pockets that are so popular with project life....which are perfect for slipping in all those little memories as they occur.

I'm guessing on some months I will have more photos than room to showcase them.....but I have that covered....I will either add in another divided page.....or...Ill scrap some 8.5 x 11 layouts to slip in as well.

I'm so keen to get started....
So far I've created my cover page...
and slipped in a lovely drawing Bella did for me ready for January.

I am keen to give the white cover a makeover..... 
I have a vision in my head of it having a bright fabric spine....some paint and a huge 2013 cut from black paper... anyone out there have a silhouette or similar that could do that job?
I'd more than happily purchase..??  

For now I'm sitting back watching  lots of inspiration pop up on IG...
I know I have some very talented friends giving it a shot this year I am very excited about that.


  1. Hi Mardi, you will love Project Life! last year was my first but I did it fortnightly instead of weekly (same as you didn't want it to be too time consuming) I just added more insert pages if it was a busy fortnight/week, which is so cool about the project- do it they way you want!
    I've got my friends into it this year with me and we are going to meet once a month for a "project Life club" and work on them together with our printed photo's. I have found I've not done as much scrapbooking as usual but because I've recorded the year's events I don't mind, I will still scrap the important stuff and I've documented our 'everyday' aswell. Enjoy it x

    1. Wow Lissa....I love the idea of a monthly 'Project life club' get together....I wish I lived close enough to come...hehe.
      I found last year I didnt scrapbook as much as previous years and that was what I missed the most....all those memories left unrecorded.
      I have all the photos but they are just stuffed into an overflowing box.... this year I plan on being far more organised.

      So lovely to read your comment about such a lovely project life experience.
      Mardi x

  2. Replies
    1. hanks so much....I cant wait to begin!!
      Looking forward to sharing it here on my blog too.

  3. How fabulous Mardi... I LOVE the whole concept of Project Life... and that you can add small memories over time... great to do it monthly and sounds like you have it covered with the addition of a full page as well... can't wait to see more of your beautiful work...

    Jenny ♥

    1. Yes ...I really felt as though I put scrapbooking aside last year while I tackled bigger health and fitness. I certainly want to continue on that path...but that has become second nature I cant wait to get organised in the scrap room again.

      I just need too mention Jenny....I absolutely loved reading your recap of 2013...what an amazing year you had!
      Mardi x

  4. I've been admiring and hankering on the idea of Project Life too...not sure if i want to go 12x12 or a smaller size....and if it will change my memory keeping/ scrapping?? Good Luck with your PL!!

    Sue x

    1. I was a bit the same Sue....I wanted to do it....but didnt want to feel bogged down or overcommitted.
      I chose the 12 x 12 becasue I already had the album handy...and I am being
      I decided monthly was doable...I am really keen for scrapbooking this other than my PL spreads I hope to fill the gaps with lots of other layouts from the occassions and moments in life.
      So looking forward to e2c again this year...
      Mardi x

  5. I love your idea of monthly Project Life,I record everything on the calendar and do nothing with it!! my scrapbooking took an extended break last year as I concentrated more on sewing. I think the only thing I scrapbooked was an album for my nieces 18th which is sad. This year I want to balance my interests a little more. I am looking forward to watching your Project Life album grow throughout 2013.

    1. Sounds like me last year Lorraine....I stitched more than scrapped....but I really missed it. I did record a photo a day using the Project life phone Ap....but otherwise I didnt record the year well at all.
      This year I'm back on track...and Im so thrilled that so many of my other scrappy friends are back on the wagon this year too...
      Mardi x

  6. Sounds like something that I might actually manage. If you still need 2013 cut out on a silhoutte just let me know what size and font style (if I have it) and I will happily do them for you.

    1. I think its going to be so manageable Jen.... give it a go!!
      Thanks for the offer of the die cutting too.... Mardi x