25 April 2014

Last week my biggest baby girl had a little holiday at Nans...
we busied ourselves with lots of crafty activities... including one big surprise project for Mummy.

A little while ago 'Henry' and 'Lexi-poo' moved into a new home...
its a gorgeous big home with a large extension housing the kitchen / dining and family room.
This room has very hight ceilings and large windows...
its a big open...airy... white space...
perfect for a nice big piece of art-work.

So .. while Bellsy was staying...we made a sneaky squirrel piece of art to surprise Mummy.

I am SO proud of her...
It was her work... her drawing...and her choice.
I did have some gentle input.. encouraging her to draw large... encouraging her to draw 'her' family rather than a 'lying down cheetah' which was her first thought.
I also helped with the fabric cutting for their clothes....however the choices of fabric and design were hers.
I also neatened up a couple of edges where the paint brush was 'nesty' and wasnt as clean lined as she wanted.
I also helped with the background preparation.
But the rest.... including all the detail was hers....and I am super proud of her.

here is a little snap-shot of our progress...
Fist we covered the canvas with paper scraps using a mod-podge solution...
(This idea was entirely inspired by my beautiful friend and extremely talented artist Kate Mason
once the paper was dry we coated it in white paint to give it an opaque finish....then left it to dry again.

Then it was time for the artist to begin her work...
It was hard to get the canvas in a suitable position for her to work on it easily... we tried flat on the floor...but it was too finally leaned against a cupboard worked best.

At one stage during the clothing period she decided perhaps she would be more creative with a headscarf on... funny little thing.

We painted the edges black to finish it off....just like I learnt from Kate...

She even has the artist pose down pat..

 Then it was time to show Mummy and Booksy and Braydog...
They loved it SO much.... they giggled and pointed and Bellsy was so proud of her own work too.
(I must admit I do love the chicken on Daddys head)
Once it was finished we sprayed it with a Matt sealer spray to protect it from the dust and to 'seal' it.

 ....and just because we are so proud....
Here are some of the details...

 oh and yes...that's her little signature down there in the cute!


  1. That is so cool - I love it ... you are such a crafty nanna!

  2. Aww thanks Donna.... I can waste hours crafting so I'm thrilled to bits that the girls love it too xx

  3. oh what a treasure :) its wonderful :)

    1. She did an awesome job Jen....I am really keen to see if she will do a couple of smaller ones for me now....and I am sure Brookey would love the chance to paint as well.
      Mardi x

  4. oh my goodness! this is just brilliant!!! LOVE it..x

    1. She did a super job didn't she Leanne.
      Thanks so much for popping by...
      Mardi xx

  5. This is extraordinary! What a treasure! You are an awesome nan!

    1. Thanks Lea... I try to be awesome..LOL
      This sure is a beautiful and treasured piece of art hangs most proudly on the wall and her Mummy (and Daddy) love it very much.
      Mardi x