23 April 2014

Its been quite some time since I had a blog overhaul...
but for some unknown reason I got a bee in my bonnet...and the changes have begun.
Please be warned that there will be some teething problems as I muddle my way through it....
I am no every little step takes googling as well as a LOT of trial and error.

I totally LOVED my previous makeover....

it was so cleverly created by beautiful Miss Emily about two years ago... she worked with my ideas and preferences to create something I was so happy with...
it felt like a comfy reflected me and what I liked...and I was so thankful for all of Emily's expertise...
but even comfy cardis need an overhaul from time to this week I began.

I thought perhaps it was time I pulled on my big girl pants and expanded my skills a little as far as blog design goes..instead of relying on Emily to come to my rescue each and every time I wanted a change.
(Mind you... having Emilys skill on tap has been a godsend to this point)

Now I had already some basic skills...
I was pretty ok with altering the basics in the template...and some simple Html coding..
but the one thing I struggled HUGELY with was a blog banner...
I have to put up my hand and admit...loud and clear...I have not got an ounce of artistic banner design in me.

So....after crawling the net for days searching for inspiration I came across some pre-made blog templates that I thought would suit me well. 
Don't think for a minute that it was just that easy....gosh no.... there are SO many out there... it took me forever to narrow down all the options to the one I liked most....or actually more the one I thought suited me best.
In the end I settled on this one from ThemeFashion..

It wasn't exactly what I was after initially....but I chose it because it was simple..
responsive (for viewing on ipad and iphone) and easily edited.
I also was chuffed to the eyeballs with its easy peasy installation really was such a cinch to install.

It was only once it was installed that the fun has begun...
it means re-working my sidebar...all my additional although its looking a little messy and hotch potch at this stage I hope it all comes together nice and easily over the next few days.
stay tuned for some sparkly new digs..


  1. looking lovely and simple mardi :)

    1. Thanks Jen....its slowly getting there... albeit at snail pace...haha
      I keep reminding myself that Rome wasnt built in a day...
      Hope all is well..
      Mardi xx

  2. Hi Mardi as much as I loved your old blog template I love this one just as much well maybe a little bit more.LOVE the fonts good luck with the changes-love dee x

    1. Thanks so much Dee.... its coming together slowly....but I am so happy with the simple look of it for a change.
      Mardi xx

  3. Love it Mardi ... XX

    1. Thanks Donna....I am glad my #1 blog reader approves...Mardi xx

  4. looks awesome Mardi! loving the new font of your text - may i ask what it is called? have done a fantastic job. love it

    1. Thank you Jane... I was really happy with the template I bought....and the title font was part of that. I did search and download a few gorgeous script type fonts from dafont recently though.
      Mardi x

  5. looks awesome Mardi! loving the new font of your text - may i ask what it is called? have done a fantastic job. love it