17 August 2014

I tell you what... the weather yesterday was ridiculous...
Cold...steady rain...and mud!
It was SO NOT our typical weather... we are almost always dry here..
so when Lachie found he was racing at Renmark this weekend... James and Kel were looking forward to a nice dry track and some pleasant spectating 
(and I'm sure Lachie was looking forward to a nice dry track too)  
Instead of that... poor Lach had to race in a quagmire..
and we poor spectators weren't that chirpy either.
Although it was a lot fun to see it all in action.

 The girls loved a catch up with Evie regardless of the weather...
So it was smiles all round for them.


  1. How adorable is the first pic!

    1. I was thinking about getting one of them on canvas.... I really love the togetherness in the top and bottom ones.
      Mardi x