Comparison / Happiness and our year in 2018

4 January 2019

I have heard a lot of talk about 2018 being a particularly tough year... and I know of many who are glad to turn the page and move seems 2018 brought some of the best ...and some of the worst into our lives.

On a personal note...I felt like I took on too much at times in 2018 ... I compared myself to everyone else and felt I fell short in all areas ... I lost sight of the fact its OK to work at our own pace... and its OK to be a 'work in progress'.  I also spent far to much time procrastinating.... and not enough time doing...always worried 'my doing' wouldn't be enough. Can anyone relate?

 I ended the year worn out... flat and scattered.

So ...  I'm moving into 2019 like its a fresh start.
No more comparisons...  I am who I am and that is OK.

Here are some of my highlights from 2018 ? (its definitely had some highs and lows)

  • We started the year with a was HOT..nudging the 50 deg mark the media reported. We camped with the kids on the lake... but missed Briony and Jarrad who were in Europe for Christmas in 2018.
  • Brent was in Puckapunyl... Alex and kids were our constant we worked through that time as a team.
  • I decided doTERRA was more than just a casual love... I started building a business.
  • My parents downsized and moved to the Riverland into a beautiful unit.
  • Ian and I traveled to Canada ..Alaska  and Hawaii with our dear friends Ron and Donna.
  • Brent returned home and their little family moved to the Adelaide Hills. Huge changes for all.
  • Ian and I took a mini holiday to Canberra and Melbourne in our motor-home Winnie.
  • I took part in 'Dirt War Survivor' and survived.
  • My poor Dad became unwell... and we have traveled to and fro for appointments and treatments... and all the emotions that brings.
  • I did a road trip to the Eyre Peninsula to teach an Oils class...and to spend time with dear friends.
  • We got to a Collingwood game at the MCG
  • Visited family and friends on some weekend trips to Ardrossan and Lobethal.
So l wish everyone the very best for this year.... lets not compare...procrastinate or become frozen by the 'not good enoughs' .. lets just get out there and make the most of it!

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