Simply Loving These - #14

6 July 2019

1. Are you a mad plant lover?  Check out these images of Hilton Carters Baltimore Apartment on ...with over 300 house plants. I just scrolled through slowly...taking in every detail.... but that terrarium lamp shade is my favourite!

2.  "Do you often feel overwhelmed? Or in a daily battle to keep up, rarely getting through your never-ending to-do list, at times feeling out of control and as though you’re surviving rather than thriving? If so, you may be experiencing the first signs of Rushing Woman’s Syndrome…"
I highly recommend this book by Dr Libby Weaver - called Rushing Womans Syndrome. There is a good chance you will relate to every word she writes.

3. Sophie Vine is probably one of my most favourite and visually pleasing Instagram feeds... I love her tones... her style... but most of all I love her philosophy and commitment to living a natural earthy life.

4. I was under a rock when everyone was raving about The Fixer Upper....  but I have certainly made up for it now....I binge watched every episode I could find on Catch Up over the last few weeks. I love the way they style homes...but I also love the way they support and encourage each other.

5. If you are looking for some gripping...graphic and terrifying viewing... watch Chernobyl. It fed into my worst nightmares... it made me feel ill... and yet I couldn't stop viewing until the end. What an absolute disaster of the largest scale.


  1. Love these blog posts! Thank you for sharing! I think I need to look for that book. Sitting procrastinating on Facebook and Instagram doesn’t do me any favours ��. I felt the same watching Chernobyl. It made me so sad for those poor people that didn’t realise what was going on and also made me quite angry at times at the people who just didn’t listen.

    1. I am the same... I try to keep busy rather than getting bogged down into social media. I have just watched The OA be honest it was a little TO weird for me.