BLOODY HELL... Here we go again!

28 September 2019

Instead of doing the smart thing....I took the ostrich approach and buried my head in the sand.

What am I talking about? on.

Just over 10 years ago I had Breast Implants as part of my Breast Reconstruction post Breast Cancer ... after some initial hiccups ..including multiple surgeries all was well.... until a few little issues showed up in the last year or so (even BIGGER issues came to light this year.)

So... Earlier this year I noticed a lump under my arm.... it was painful... and my clothing annoyed it... lifting anything heavy dragged my arm down on it and hurt (so noticeable at work) ... and even applying roll-on deodorant was uncomfortable. I told myself it was a lymph node.. nothing to worry about... and I ignored it.
It would flare...then settle... then flare... and by then I was in the midst of 'anxiety land' with Dad being so unwell... and the last thing I needed was to worry about an armpit. So I continued to ignore it.

In August I figured life had settled... and I probably should get it checked... my Dr was thankfully more concerned than I had been... and I had an ultrasound and a breast clinic appointment arranged before I left the room.
The ultrasound confirmed a lump almost 4 cm across... under my arm... not too far from the implant edge. I then waited until mid September for my Breast Clinic Appointment with the Oncology  surgeon.

During that wait I received my first letter from the T.G.A - it mentioned the media was about to release stories regarding the danger of textured breast implants.... but not to panic. They advised no course of action was required unless you were having problems. They also mentioned that most implants were safe...and to speak to your healthcare provider if you were worried.
I was immediately suspicious... but I knew I had an appointment in the weeks to come.... so I 'boxed that info'.

Fast forward to mid September ...  my Breast Clinic appointment -
Thank goodness.... my Breast Surgeon who I absolutely adore and have complete and utter faith in (after 4 surgeries for the previous reconstruction process)... was still at the Breast Clinic ..and was happy to take on my care.. It is reassuring to know that I am in good hands.

I was then handed the second letter from the TGA (that had been neatly tucked in my file)... it stated that I did indeed have the suspect Allergan textured implants... probably not what I wanted to hear.
Luckily ...  and because I am symptomatic my Surgeon recommended urgent removal.

So I was booked for a fine needle biopsy of the lump under my arm.... the soonest available time was 10 days away....  but somehow I fluked an ultrasound and biopsy within 30 minutes of being in the Breast Clinic... and we now knew that my (R) implant had ruptured and I had multiple lumps of silicone free floating under my arm and toward my rib cage. The one lump in August was now multiple lumps.... and progressing... and surgery was booked for the very first date possible.
Which is early October 2019

So ... as I type this I am anxiously ticking off the days....  I have 4 more shifts at work . and then I can mentally prepare myself for whats ahead.

I am so grateful .. incredibly grateful that I have the Surgeon of my choice...
I am disappointed with myself that I didn't do something earlier.
I am angry that the T.G.A left us in the dark for so long....and that they didn't notify us of potential dangers sooner.
I am frightened of the possibility of lymphoma from 10 years of these implants including a rupture.
I am hopeful that possibly all of the weird symptoms I have experienced over the last few years may in fact be as a result of Implant Illness....and possibly I will feel much better once the 'explant' occurs.

I have read a lot over the last few weeks about 'explanting' and 'breast implant illness' .... and its been comforting to hear the stories of others. As always I am so torn with how much to share?
But...its part of life... this stuff happens...  and if you are reading this...and you have implants I urge you to follow up and not just rely on the TGA to have you best interest.

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  1. Oh Mardi.
    So much to be thankful for.
    I'll pray for a poaitive outcome for you. Don't beat yourself up for not responding sooner. Buts and what ifs never help our mental state.

    1. Thank you....and you are so right...for whatever reason its only on my radar Ill just deal with it as it comes. x