Pantry Storage - life goals

28 November 2019

I totally blame a friend for this. You know.... the friend who inspires with really great ideas... and makes you look at your own mess in a whole new way... (and not a good way.)

I have had this job on my 'to-do' list for ages. (Well technically its still on my to-do list... but I have been thinking about that counts right?)

My pantry is a very deep corner cupboard ... its quite spacious as far as cupboards go.... but there lies its stores so much... and everything can be thrown in and hidden away.
The shelves are deep.... things get pushed to the back where its dark... and completely forgotten.

So my pantry goals are: 
  • Glass and basket storage - most of my Tupperware has developed a plastic smell which I hate.
  • Create space on a shelf for my cookbook collection.
  • Find some practical ways to use deep shelves
  • Label my jars! ... how handy would that be.
  • Actually stock it with staples would also be helpful.

So...rather than just take the plunge for a clean out.... like I usually do...I've been checking out pantry porn on Pinterest.... here are a few (below) that caught my eye. 
  1. I am smitten with these labels... the wooden tiered stand..and the produce baskets.
  2. These jars are so beautiful and matching. I even have quite a few of these.... but my shelves are sadly nowhere near as pretty as these.
  3. My absolute favourite ...totally styled for the shot...and that plant would be dead within days in my dark cave of a pantry.
  4. Love the look of this pantry.... (my friend has created one similar but next level beautiful) ..I cant believe I used to have a labeller like this...but its gone.
  5. Loving the square glass containers... from IKEA apparently.
  6. Probably the most realistic pantry version.... and I do love the rotating shelves for jars...and the baskets for keeping 'like' items together.
  7. Well this one incorporates the cookbooks which I love...and those baskets are lovely.
  8. Not exactly pantry.... but gosh I would love some storage compartments like this for my trays.
  9. White tubs look so neat all lined up and labelled... although I rarely store packaged I am not sure this would be practical for us.

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