Simply Loving These #20

29 December 2019

I have loved putting these posts together throughout this year... they are little snippets of posts... pics...and products that I have found of interest.... and I hope you have found them interesting as well.

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(Image credit - Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash)

1. Waters Co Filters ... I have my eye on the bench top model ... and its definitely on my wish list for 2020. We have rainwater with underbench filtration.... but living in an agricultural area with constant dust storms I would hate to think what our water contains.

2. Mod Cold Press Juicer .. another item in my 2020 wish list is a Mod juicer. I have been juicing regularly for about 3 months now.... and my trusty old centrifugal juicer is getting a little long in the tooth.... so I would love to update!

3. Have you been looking for a delicious Vietnamese salad dressing? ... then look no further!

4. Have you heard of 'Enclothed Cognition'?
Its the science that 'what we wear influences how we feel' - or in other words "Put on your power"
How true is this! ... I think we can all relate to those days we feel flat and uninspired... its easier to just not bother with 'dressing up' ... but what a change that simple action can mean. The same goes for choosing an Essential Oil for the day.... empower yourself with your chosen blend... and step out feeling like a rock-star.
Here is a Roller Blend that you may like to try - credit to Dr Mariza Snyder (The Hormone Solution)

♡ S U P E R W O M A N Roller Blend ♡

12 drops Sandalwood
12 drops Clary Sage
8 drop Ylang Ylang
8 drops Bergamot
Place the number of drops, per recipe, in a 10 mL rollerball and then fill to the top with your carrier oil of choice
Roll the blends over your pulse points: neck, ankles and wrists.
(NOTE: personally I would halve the drops - I like a far greater dilution - but I am sharing the exact blend here - so make your own choice on dilution.)

5. How are Air Fresheners Bad for you? ... This is a great article about the dangers of Air Fresheners... and I can vouch...the moment you kick them from your home you will notice a difference. Gosh... why would you willingly contaminate your air quality with dangerous fragrances... when its so simple to keep your air fresh using healthier options.

Thanks again for following along with my Simply Loving posts this year.... Much love...

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