My Reads - 2019

8 January 2020

Each year I set myself a 'Reading Challenge' in my Goodreads App ... I always choose 20 books seems doable for me. Some years I have read more... some less... last year in 2019 I actually reached my target of 20 books. 

I love seeing what others have read.... I have often stumbled across some of my most favourite books by reading the lists of others.... so if you are interested here are some that I read last year. 

2019 was a mixed bag.... I enjoyed some fabulous fiction (Where the Crawdads Sing ... Scrublands and The Great Alone)... I also enjoyed some more autobiography type reads (How not to start and Orphanage and The Trauma Cleaner) ... and I binged on Essential Oil books and Self help favourites being Rushing Womens Syndrome and I Don't have time.

What was your favourite book last year??
2016 Reads - total 28 
2017 Reads - total 16
2018 Reads - Total 15
2019 Reads - total 20 

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