Simply Loving These #26

21 October 2020

 Woah..... its been awhile since I shared a Simply Loving These post..... but here we go.....

                                                                                                       Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

  1.  I was completely in awe of the gorgeous anatomical art by Duvet Days 

  2. When your Lemon Balm is growing like crazy its time to new ways of preserving or utilising it....I found this post with lots of Lemon Balm ideas from Mommypotamus. I will definitely be drying some for tea. It was so interesting reading all the health benefits ... mood lifting... digestive support.. immune strengthening.... healing.... and more.

  3. Looking for a yummy Bliss Ball recipe? I usually try to keep a batch of healthy bliss balls in the fridge for 'those moments' when I just need something sweet .... its been fun trying out different recipes .... here is another I intend to try. This recipe by the 'Wholesome Patisserie'

  4. Last weekend we visited a beautiful spot in the Southern Flinders Ranges.... it was a small town but it offered such a lot. The bakery... the caravan park.. and the local hotel were all welcoming... and we happened to be there on their farmers market day experienced all the bustle and produce on the Sunday morning. If you are looking for a little getaway spot that is quiet and away from the rat race.... give Wirrabara a go. 

  5. 'Make Mistakes' - Abandon your Perfect Life.... loved this... 

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