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23 August 2007

...my Dad ...as seen in Scrapbooking Memories this month... ((Hi Dad...waving)) ...as he and Mum are still caravaning around the place.....keep your eyes open...he may be coming to a town near you soon...

.... and this one of Briony and her 'goo' (which is made from an entire packet of cornflour and water.... resulting in mess....fun...and most importantly...no cornflour next time I need to thicken something..... which in actual fact is probably some time away...as I'm not a fan of cooking anything anyway)

This layout was also for the Sketches Oz challenge this month...using a Loretta Grayson sketch.... this was my first layout I created after my 'I cant scrap phase'.... I wrote a list of all the things I used to do...but hadn't for ages..... like inking!!... and this layout was the result....obviously using Loretta's sketch as inspiration.

Which leads me to 'the dreaded scrap block' ...there is nothing more awful than that horrendous scrap blocked feeling... especially with deadlines on some contributions looming.....I'm so thankful that those couple of weeks have now passed....and I'm once again keen and inspired.

.. It really gave me a fright though.... and even though I know we all get it from time to time....it doesn't make it any easier. This is a hobby first and foremost....so there is no reason we HAVE to scrap.... but as the love grows...so do the commitments.... which is wonderful when we are feeling inspired and things are coming together easily.... but get blocked and it is a nightmare.

I was so lucky to have lots of reassurance from friends ...and lots of suggestions too.... so I took some time out..... began an inspiration journal... jotted notes...ideas...and cut up some magazines (yes...sacrilege I know) ...I now have a wonderful book full of ideas...and its not the inspiration that is the problem....it is finding the time!!

What else is happening in the Winen household...

Briony obviously celebrated her Birthday....and now has a wad of cash ( banked away)... waiting for a shopping trip somewhere... I'm not sure what she has in mind...but knowing her...Id say clothes and shoes... she is such an Imelda.

She has also got 4 girls coming this weekend to help celebrate her birthday..... a sleepover... and party food ... its going to be fun! ...I'm just a little stressed at the moment as to how I'm going to clean the house and prepare for their arrival while I'm at work all day tomorrow....I'm thinking I'm going to be incredibly busy tonight.

Mitch is good.... his life revolves around footy...footy training...fishing and camping.....oh and PS2 ... he had his first driving lesson last week...and now I guess we are officially counting down the lessons until he gets his licence in September...OMG.

Brent.... working at the Nursery again at the moment... but work is slowing...the drought is not broken as they had hoped...and Im not sure what the long term is for him.

I had a very emotional couple of weeks when Alex decided to move in with her Sister... its so nice for her to be with her family.... but I was selfishly heartbroken that I no longer had her with us everyday..... however I needn't have worried..... I still see her gorgeous little face popping in and out.... almost as much as before..

Me...Im busy.... work is busy... I have some wonderful projects and fun things happening.... and Im keen... I just dont seem to find enough hours in each day.... its frustrating. I cant wait to be able to share some of the things I have been working on quietly at home....

Gee...this turned into an incredible ramble today....sorry.. happy weekend to you all...Mardi x


  1. Well there are lots of things going on at your place Mardi!

    I am so pleased you have found your motivation to scrap again...it's a rotten feeling isn't it? I'm still there...nothing happening....oh well!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend :-)

    Megan xx

  2. Love your catch-up posts. :) Phew I'm glad you're over that scrappers block! Scary stuff!

    I think I know that goo! Sounds like what we had at playgroup (with added food colouring for fun!). It's weird stuff - looks sorta liquid, but if you grab it quickly it's sorta solid and can break. So weird! Is that the stuff?!?

  3. So glad you've found your scrapping 'mojo' again!! I went through that myself a while ago and you think it's never going to come back.... but it sounds like you're back into the groove which is fantastic - can't wait to see what you've been working on!

    Sounds very busy there at your place... have a fun weekend!

    Sheree xx

  4. Hi Mardi,

    Your layouts look great and so pleased to hear you have your mojo back and hopefully time will become more available for "YOU" and your creating. Stay well and happy.

  5. Hi Mardi
    I keep missing you when you pop in, so thought it was time to drop you a line to let you know that I am keeping up to date with your wonderful scrapbooking journey!
    glad to know that all is well, have a great weekend


  6. Hi Mardi
    Just love the LO on your dad.....I must get and do one of those too....

    take care


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