Simply Loving These #27

31 December 2020

 Well here we go.... the last 'Simply Loving These' post of the year .. throughout 2020 I added a total of 7 'Simply Loving These' posts... so here we go ... 

1. I don't know about you... but the full moon (Cancer Moon) this week really affected me.... it spiraled me into a period of reflection... planning and organising.
Then I happened across this post by Well and Good.... and it all made sense... you can read this post and see what affects it has on your star sign.

"This planetary shift signals that we will be able to go after what we value
and initiate a new beginning following a period of life-altering experiences
that have led to healing."

2. If you are at all obsessive or interested in gardening... permaculture... slow life Instagram accounts like I am.... Koren Helbig has put together a list of 50 South Australian permaculture.. gardening...farming Instagram accounts... and its been a wonderful source of exploration for me.

3. Looking for a delicious raw caramel slice recipe?? Then try this one from Foodmatters.... its my absolute favourite 'healthier' slice. I made it again for Christmas this year and topped it with toasted coconut flakes.

4. I also loved this article on underrated Super foods also at Food matters ... and seeing as I have watercress growing in my garden it reminded me that perhaps I should be picking and eating it more regularly.

5. Looking for a natural and bloody fabulous lip stick / tinted lip gloss? ....then try Luk Beautifood ... Australian made and 100% natural. You can even order a 'tasting plate' with a little sample of each shade to help work out your favourite.

So that's it for 2020 .... see you in the new year.

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